Barbara Kile

About Barbara Kile

My journey with photography began long before I picked up a camera. I was a ‘nature girl’ during my early years as I loved being outdoors with my friends learning to recognize different birds and flowers and collecting beautiful rocks.

My journey today has me learning to ‘see’ not just with my eyes, but with my heart -- responding to the world around me, and the One who created it all. I see His hand in a beautiful and intricate flower, in a majestic sunrise or sunset, in the power of a thunderstorm, in the work ethic of an insect, and in the rebirth of spring and the colors of fall.

I have a passion not only to capture the beauty of our world, but to encourage others to slow down and experience the intricacies and different perspectives of nature. In doing so, perhaps we can all discover the seeds of our own creativity, which were in us from the very beginning, but somehow have become buried along the way. Our Creator made us to be creative, and He is speaking through His creation.

Thank you for taking the time to pause with me. Linger and let your heart respond, maybe in a way it has not experienced for a long time.